Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Mothers Day then on to Dalton

Sunday 9th May

Mothers Day in the USA saw team have a relaxing start to the morning before all but two of them headed off to the ‘Cracker Barrel’ for brunch. Unfortunately the rest of Georgia had the same plans for their ‘Moms’ and all of the local eateries were jam packed to the rafters! Where to go now? A local Waffle House of course where Gareth enjoyed and the res endured breakfast . Meanwhile Steve ‘Took one for the team’ this morning and missed out on the greasy artery clogging delights, choosing instead to grab the opportunity to update the blog whilst the valuable and rare opportunity of wifi access and free time afforded itself. On the other side of town, Andrea tucked into a healthy home cooked omelette courtesy of Capt Mike and Major Indira who were wise to the fact that every eating establishment would be full.

The team then settled down for a four hour drive to Dalton ‘The Carpet Capital of the World’, stopping off half way at our favourite healthy eating establishment ‘The Varsity’ where ex District Governor Gary More kindly introduced us to Atlanta’s finest restaurant. Here we met Stuart and Bitsy from the Dalton Rotary Club who kindly chaperoned us to our destination at the foothills of the mountains.

We were met at Bitsy’s house by Bill who is a local historian of the Civil War and a keen metal detector enthusiast. He took us hiking in the mountains and showed us where the Confederate Army held back the Yankee soldiers of William T Sherman who were trying to invade Georgia. Bill showed us his collection of bullets, buttons and other military memorabilia left over from the war which he had discovered in these hills.

Andrea poses as a Confederate Soldier

That evening the team split up once again and had dinner with their individual hosting families before turning in early in preparation for a breakfast club presentation the next day.

More Photo's to follow

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