Thursday, 6 May 2010

Alps, Bullfrogs, Farm Animals and Granite

Wednesday 5th May

Awaking to another beautiful morning the team were reluctant to leave this idyllic location. We had spent such a short time in White County but really felt at home in the presence of our hosts. In particular we would like to thank Maria for her companionship at Lucille’s Mountaintop Inn and also the staff who not only prepared our meals but made us feel so welcome and at home.

At 9am Melissa and Mustang Jack arrived and ferried the team just a short distance away to the alpine village of Helen. This area had been built up as a Bavarian village tourist destination and you truly felt that you were in the European Alps, (well almost, as your average middle age tourist in Austria isn’t packing heat in the form of a 9mm semi automatic pistol, obviously needed due to the potential of a crime being committed at some point in this beautifully tranquil picturesque part of the world. Ed). The group enjoyed a spot of window shopping as most of the shops didn’t open until later.

Melissa and her husband James had very kindly invited us and some of our White County friends over to their home for brunch....and what a brunch they had prepared! On our arrival we were met by Bellamy (one of Melissa and James’s daughters) who was thrilled to show us around the grounds and all it’s inhabitants which included pot bellied pigs (Steve not included although he’s getting there!), goats, a pony and a highland cow.

Melissa and James are the owners of ‘Honeybrook Catering’ and had laid out a fine spread for brunch. It must be said they served up some of the best tasting shrimp grits yet and other eats and salad, followed by a deliciously gooey selection of cakes which were all appreciatively devoured to the sounds of ‘Jeremiah and the Bull Frogs’ entertaining us with a selection of chilled out guitar tunes from Eric Clapton to Bob Marley. The whole occasion was again so lovely and it was difficult to move on from the great company, not to mention the sun-drenched veranda!

To travel to our next destination, the team travelled in convoy with some (guess who) team members taking advantage of Mustang Jack’s al fresco option. We loitered around for a short while at a meeting point in a car park where we were met by Alan and his buddy, ‘Buddy’ who we had met what seems like such a long time ago now, at the district conference. Wishing fond farewells to Mellissa and Chris we continued on our journey to Washington through Elberton, the granite capital of the world (or at least of Georgia).

On our arrival we were met by Jane, the owner of the bed and breakfast where we will be staying for the next two nights. The house is the oldest we have stayed in so far dating back to 1775.

We had a little time to relax so most of the team headed out to check out the local area as for the first time we were informed that there were shops and a town square within walking distance, although everything closed at 5pm there was a certain presence felt from the stuffed animals in the taxidermists.

At 6:30 we headed out to the Fitzpatrick Hotel where we enjoyed another delicious meal after which a couple of the team had a game of non-competitive bowling on the Wii...which they won!

Back at the B&B we all enjoyed tea and cakes before retiring to bed.

By Andrea


  1. Come on team - get some pictures uploaded! We're all enjoying reading the commentry but would be nice to see some more pictures too!
    James and Melanie x

  2. Glad your enjoying the blog, with such a busy schedule it's sometimes a little hard to find time but we'll do the best we can. Just keep checking and we'll get them up as soon as posible. We've also got loads of video which we'll post up when we get chance but it may be after we get home.