Monday, 10 May 2010

Augusta Canal and Uncle Sam (He's watching you!)

Saturday 8th of May

Saturday morning began with an early start for Steve, Allison, Andrea and Roy as they went for a n adrenalin filled bike ride with local Rotarian Larry Lynn in an area designed for off road cycling. This gave a chance to blow out the cob webs and work off some of the fried food which has been consumed in copious amounts of late.

Gareth went with Rotarian Indira Donegan, (who is actually a Major in the US Army) to the local shopping Mall for the morning, as the team had arranged to meet after lunch, there was much gift buying and product browsing carried out with military precision.

Later on the team met at the visitors centre for the Savannah Canal and were taken around the museum which explains the history of the canal and how Augusta has developed around it, sharing some similarities with Manchester regarding the production of cotton and use of industrial canals.

After this the team took a leisurely boat ride along the canal to see some of the industrial remains and enjoying the some of the indigenous wildlife such as Yellow Bellied Turtles, Cranes and we were even informed that alligators do frequent these parts too!

The temperature was warm to say the least, that day it was hovering in the low 30C’s. After the boat ride the team enjoyed a little ‘down time’ which involved some of us retiring back to our host families for a short whilst the girls took back to the downtown area for another spot of shopping.

Later that evening the plan was to attend a local amatuer dramatics production which was actually on the Army base in Augusta called Fort Gordon, the purpose of this base is this is where much of the army’s and some government communications are managed from and on trying to access the local wifi we noticed it was aptly named ‘Big Brother is watching’.

This was a dinner and theatre venue in which we were served by a well stocked buffet with tasty deserts and excellent seats close to the stage along with many of our rotary friends.

The play was called The Dixie Swim Club and was what could be describe as a ‘chick flick’. A play about feminine friendship and we don’t mean the type you find on specialist websites!

We were impressed with the acting ability of the cast and we mostly managed to pick up on the southern humour and quips.

We’d spent some good leisure time in Augusta with good weather and to end our stay on a laugh with the play was a bonus which finished things nicely for us.

By Gareth

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