Monday, 26 April 2010

A much needed rest

Sunday 25th April

The team made the most of their first opportunity to have a lie in and rose to a beautiful day, the air had cleared following the storms and the sun was glistening on lake arrowhead.

We enjoyed a little time relaxing around the house until our brunch hosts came to pick us up. Shane Burr is the district governor of 6910 and he arrived with his wife Donna and his mother, a spritely lady who had no problems with the steep hills and jumping in and out of the monster cars that everyone seems to drive.

We arrived at our brunch destination, Canton Golf Club, which was set at the top of a steep hill with yet more great views of the lush greenery surrounding us and an interior not dissimilar to that of a scene from Dallas.

We were met their by more rotary friends, old and new. Brunch was a great spread with the traditional grits and a novel omelette building bar!

Anton Zellmann from the Canton Rotary Club first in line for an Omlette

After declining some very kind offers of things to do, the team opted to spend the remainder of their rest day chilling out by the lake which subsequently meant sunbathing, reading, swimming and fishing, with both Andrea and Steve reeling in some prize fish whilst soaking up the beautiful Georgia sunshine.

All the fish we caught were returned safely to the Lake to fight another day.

We had a brief visit from the very generous owner of the lakehouse Mark Shultz, who kindly allowed us to stay and enjoy the serenity of the lovely lakeside location for the weekend.

After we had basked all we could bask and the sun was disapearing behind the mountains Edna arrived with Sue who had prepared our evening meal of shrimps and vegetable casserole.

We all enjoyed the delicious banquet and the chance to reflect a little more about our trip so far, all agreeing that we could happily stay in this location for much longer....but we have many more places to go, people to meet and presentations to give, so we gotta keep moving!

Andrea Wilson


  1. Love those fish! What are they? Andrea - are you getting your days mixed up - did all the above happen on Sunday?

    Your whole trip sounds amazing - you won't want to come home! Missing you lots. Mum xx

  2. I caught a Bass and Steve caught a Breem and a Bass. It was so exciting giving a little pull on the rod and feeling something pull back! Might swop Boxing for fishing when i get back! Ha! x